ANT collaborates with Genigma to involve patients in the app design

Genigma begins a collaboration with Fondazione ANT Italia to involve patients, family members and healthcare professionals in the design phase of the app.

ANT is one of the collaborators of the ORION Consortium (which supports the project) and collaborates in getting the voice of the public (and especially of patients, families, doctors) to the scientific research processes. Active for 40 years in the Italian territory, ANT is the largest Italian NGO that guarantees free home cancer assistance to patients and families.

What will ANT do for Genigma? In the current phase, ANT will help collecting interests on scientific topics to be incorporated into the app. Previously, it also participated in one of the co-creation sessions organized in Barcelona.

Throughout the month of August, a questionnaire will be distributed to ANT affiliated who want to contribute. Their answers will help the communication team and game designers in making the game attractive and aligned with the interests of the public. Subsequently, these people will also be invited to test the first versions of the app.

Thanks to this collaboration, this website has been translated into Italian and the project will be presented in Italy in different initiatives.

(In the photo, Luca Franchini ANT, Elisabetta Broglio CRG, Melania Raccichini ANT and Marco Di Stefano CRG)