The experiment is over. We close the game for data analysis.

Between June and September 2022 the GENIGMA app remained open with new data from the breast cancer genome. The goal was to validate the tool and test different resolution to obtain best results for research. The challenge we launched in the summer was to solve 250 new sets of 15 and 12 pieces at different […]

#GenigmaChallenge. Achieved in139 days!

On 16 June heralded the conclusion of the #GenigmaChallenge, the first participative experiment to analyse the human genome through a mobile phone app, GENIGMA, in which more than 39,000 people from 154 countries participated. –> 600,287 solutions have been gathered in a matter of 20 weeks and 181 Eureka! regions, areas of the genome of […]

The #GenigmaChallenge is on!

From 27th of January 2022, the day we have launched the app, you can follow all the news of Genigma on the official website: Join the #GenigmaChallenge and collaborate!

3..2..1… almost there!

We are very excited to reach the final stage of the project of creation and development of the game … and we are preparing the official launch of GENIGMA. Almost 500 people have supported and helped us so far: we are looking forward to many more people joining us in this challenge! #Staytuned

What have we learned? ORION Inspiring stories

In the framework of the European project ORION (Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge), the main funder of GENIGMA, a series of “Inspiring Stories” have been developed to describe the impact that the “experiments” carried out have had on scientists, research centers and funders. The Stories have been published to explain the lessons […]

New test with Phd and Postdocs from the University of Bologna

New test with Phd and Postdocs from the University of Bologna Last week students, PhDs and postdocs from the Faculties of Physics and Genomics of the University of Bologna have been playing a game to analyze the genome of chromosome 15 of the breast cancer cell line T47D. With this new test we tried to […]

Genigma moves forward in collaboration with high school students

During the month of April 2021, more than 150 secondary school students from Catalonia and Italy have collaborated with the project in testing the app and in proposals for the game’s communication campaign addressed to young people. Based on a joint meeting between teachers, the ANT Foundation team and our expert in Citizen Science, an […]

Preparing a new test with high schools students

We are in the process of releasing an improved version of the game and we will test it with students from different Italian and Spanish high schools. To prepare the activities, we have been meeting with some teachers from Liceo Terragni and with colleagues from the ANT Foundation in Bologna, to determine the objectives and […]

Alphatest 3, now also in Italian

Yesterday, 25th January, we were able to test the game again with people of different profiles, ages and countries. We were accompanied by teachers, disseminators, high school students and representatives of associations against cancer from Catalonia and Italy. We would like to thank all the participants for their collaboration and especially to the Liceo Terragni de […]

Aphatest 2

We continue with the tests of the game, extending the range of participants gradually, to detect aspects to be improved. Many thanks to today’s participants, some of whom were repeating, who gave us good inputs and validated the improvements applied after the previous test. We will continue in 2021 with more tests. If you are […]

Genigma at the European Research Night

Our researchers have participated to the European Research Night, edition 2020. Have a look to the talk by Juan Rodríguez and Marc Martí-Renom here (in catalan) and by Marco Di Stefano here (in spanish).

First test of the game with external users

On Monday 16th November we presented the alpha version of the game to a group of participants from last year’s co-creation days. During the session, Oriol and Adrià, in charge of the Genigma gamification, collected the player’s inputs about the game dynamics and their feelings when playing. It was a very useful and participative session, […]

Gengima at the Citizen Science SDG Conference

The conference “Knowledge for Change: A decade of Citizen Science (2020-2030) in support of the SDGs” was an official event organized by the Germany’s EU Council presidency in October 2020. The conference goal was to present, evaluate and discuss the exciting contributions that citizen science makes in framing and achieving sustainable development, specifically the UN Sustainable […]

We presented the project at the ECSA Conference!

The ECSA 2020 conference – Encounters in citizen science – was held enterely online due to Coronavirus pandemic . We had the chance to present our project there. This Conference it’s the biggest citizen science meeting in Europe: the First International ECSA Conference was held in 2016 in Berlin. The Second International ECSA Conference was held […]

New tests and “Eureka!” regions

As the developers continue their work, our research team is continually testing the game to verify its functionality. Always using the non-cancerous GM12878 cell line, we are now running new tests on chromosomes 1, 20 and 21. We have started to prepare a first graphic that allows to visually illustrate the results obtained from the […]

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