A group of researchers and collaborators have prepared a video game to discover genomic alterations in cancer cells by playing.

Marco Di Stefano

I am a biophysicist and a postdoc at the Chromatin and Cell Biology Group of the Institute of Human Genetics (CNRS) in Montpellier, France. I have been the scientific coordinator of Genigma from the beginning of the project in 2019 until September 2021 when I was working at CNAG-CRG. I am an expert in building 3D models of DNA by combining general concepts of statistical physics and experimental data. For Genigma, I have been responsible for working the scientific data into the right format to be processed through the game and verifying that the games are effective in advancing research. I am now also a Genigma ambassador in France.

Juan Rodríguez

I am a bioinformatician at the GLOBE Institute (Copenhagen University, Denmark) and also a Genigma ambassador in Denmark. While working a the CNAG-CRG I have been involved in Genigma since the beginning (2019-2021) as a co-leader; mostly working in the scientific research, communication and statistical analyses for the game. My current work is linked to analyse variability in 3D genome folding patterns, while integrating the results with many other types of data… I am really looking forward to the benefits that Genigma and citizen science can bring to our research!

Marc Martí-Renom

I am an ICREA research professor and I lead the structural genomics group at the National Center for Genomic Analysis (CNAG-CRG), in Barcelona. Our group uses the laws of physics and the rules of evolution to develop and apply computational methods to predict the 3D structures of macromolecules and their complexes. Genigma is part of one of my research lines and with the team we are experiencing different approaches to achieves the scientific objectives.

Elisabetta Broglio

Biologist and scientific communicator, I am a citizen science facilitator at the Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG). I help the scientific teams in the process of opening science to citizen participation. I am the Genigma's project manager, and I coordinate the work in parallel for the different teams: scientists, creatives and programmers. I also take care of the organization of events with citizens, communication via the web and social networks, and the outreach content of the game.

Alessandra Merlotti

I am doing a PhD in Physics at the University of Bologna, where I study the sequence of 1D DNA and its relationship with 3D structure in both humans and bacteria. To do this, I developed methods derived from statistical mechanics and graph theory. In Genigma I am contributing with this knowledge to prepare the data that will be sent to the players through the application and analyze the results that come out of the plays. The project also offers me the opportunity to learn citizen science, which I find absolutely fascinating.

Pol Ezquerra

I am studying 4th of biochemistry at the University of Barcelona. Genigma represents my first great scientific challenge. My role in this project is to help prepare the pieces that will later be used in the game. I am very attracted to the idea of ​​participating in a citizen science project of these characteristics.

Oriol Ripoll

I am author of games for educational projects, leisure, communication and training experiences, and game creation professor at Enti, the videogames degree at the University of Barcelona. From Jocs al segon, we have been moderating the 3 Genigma co-creation sessions and with all the information extracted from these sessions and the playtests, we are now designing the game and working to define the user experience.

Adrià Altarriba

I am graduated with Engineering but a lover of psychology, sociology and philosophy. I think that the game can be a driver towards fun to each and every aspect of life. I am in Jocs al segon working with Oriol on the tasks of game design and organization of playtests with citizens.

Xavi Ramiro

I am a freelance illustrator who has worked with several newspapers and magazines, illustrated books and taught in different postgraduate Design courses. I co-founded PixelGo developer specializing in Flash videogames and applications. I enjoy translating ideas into images. The Genigma project is a challenge, in this regard. It's great to be able to be part of this adventure and help create a compelling and engaging game that encourages participation.

Joan Serra

In X-Lives we have been creating and developing video games for more than 20 years. We are responsible for the development of Genigma and we work in coordination with both the scientific team for the data, and with the design and illustration team for its implementation. Working for a game that allows citizens to collaborate with scientists in cancer research and at the same time make outreach is simply ... amazing!

Julio de Benítez

I am a professional programmer since 1986 and creator of video games since 2000 on X-live. The Crystal Jungle movies I & II taught me how necessary it is to have a good computer technician. Genigma is a great opportunity to participate in a project related to my favorite subjects, science and video games.

Alicia Hernandez

I am a Bioinformatician in the Structural Genomics group at CNAG, focused on the integration of experimental data into 3D DNA models. At Genigma I am involved in the preparation of the data to be submitted to the game, as well as its subsequent analysis. I am excited to participate in this project, as it is an original idea with great potential that, in addition to bringing science to the public, can help in the creation of reference genomes.