What have we learned? ORION Inspiring stories

In the framework of the European project ORION (Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge), the main funder of GENIGMA, a series of “Inspiring Stories” have been developed to describe the impact that the “experiments” carried out have had on scientists, research centers and funders.

The Stories have been published to explain the lessons learned by the participants and the organisers of the different experiments and to highlight the “Eureka” moments that have provoked a change of attitude (at a personal level) or a change of route (at a institutional level) that can serve as an inspiration for other people and/or institutions.

We invite you to read the Stories related to GENIGMA and to discover the impact of the participatory process in the development of the game on researchers and participants:

“Introducing co-creation in fundamental life sciences?” (link)

“Harvesting the fruits of citizen’s collaboration in the development of the Genigma game” (link)

You can access all the Inspiring stories of the ORION project here.