Results of 3rd cocreation

In the last co-creation of the project, dedicated to share with the gamers the proposal of Genigma, we have seen how the project enriched with the expert view of those who are dedicated to design, perform and play daily with games and videogames.

With a dynamization performed by the Jocs to the Segon team, we occupied the 4 hours of the afternoon thinking together with the gamers in games and games dynamics that could be useful to advance in the project. Repeating the practice of the previous co-creation with patients and doctors, we put again the focus on the emotions, this time from the perspective of the player.
After listening to Juan Rodríguez explaining the scientific basis of Genigma, we identified with all participants what emotions they would expect to experience by playing while mapping the tumor genome.

We also collected many ideas on “where” it would be interesting, for them, to appear science and its concepts, in the videogame.
Finally, the participating teams developed a series of prototypes that have revealed very interesting dynamics and formats applicable to Genigma, and that will be the basis for the final design.

We want to thank the 38 people who participated in this event for their great ideas and their collaboration: keep in touch for the next steps of the project!